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A Roar in the Winelands 14-06-04

Sick Cub Safe, Paarl Post 20-01-05

Paul the lion-heart 28-05-05

Protecting Greatness 01-09-05

South Africa delays ban on hunting of captive lions 04-05-07 Drakenstein Lion Park Wins Award 02-09-07
Ban on hunting captive lions delayed again! 21-12-07 Goliath, Simba and Ringo arrive safely 13-02-2008
Reach for a Dream Visits the Lion Park 26-03-2008 News on "petting" wild animals 26-11-2008
Sad News 09-12-2008 Samson finds Sanctuary 10-12-2008
Update regarding Saffo 21-01-2009 Fire threatens Lion Park 04-02-2009
New Arrivals 25-02-2009 New Arrivals Update 28-02-2009
Sandy turns 20! - 28-02-2009 Fundraising Appeal 14-04-2009
New Arrival 18-04-2009 Mclaren Circus - 12-05-2009
Rescue Update 20-05-2009 Farewell to Sandy 08-06-2009
An End to Canned Hunting? 12-06-2009 Future looks no better for SA's canned lions 14-06-2009
Lions in Romanian Zoo 03-09-2009 Tourist Mauled 05-09-2009
Donation for Brutus 12-10-2009 Gaucho finds sanctuary! 27-10-2009
New Rescues Arrive - 10-12-2009 Dodo Arrives - 23-12-2009
First Fire of 2010 - 05-01-2010 Low Flying Idiot 24-01-2010
Ares Arrives Safely 10-02-2010 Emergency Surgery for Ares 12-02-2010
Update on Ares 01-03-2010 Brutus Arrives 19-03-2010
Ares Update 25-03-2010 New Arrivals 06-04-2010
New Rescue In Progress 02-05-2010 Ena Arrives 24-06-2010
Canned Hunting Legal! 01-12-2010 Exposing the cub petting lie! 06-12-2010
Another Rescue 03-10-2011 Little Leo Arrives 06-11-2011

New Arrival 11-04-2012

International Animal Rescue Foundation 23-08-2012



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